cinderhouse is a playground that explores experimental fundraising and philanthropy. we leverage bleeding edge technology, design, and first principles thinking to explore novel concepts in funding projects that fight poverty and injustice.


@Jaye_Aiko is a burgeoning AI influencer created to test the viability of AI delivering voice and revenue to social outcomes and causes. Jaye can be found on Twitter & Instagram  discussing her daily life and exploring important conversations on ethics and bias.

• Considerations

@Jaye_Aiko is being carefully developed along side those who can accurately speak to the lived experience of Jaye's gender and ethnicity while speaking to experts on the broader moral questions behind the emerging sector of AI influencers.


About us

Risk taking, fun, and childlike exploration can be discouraged in philanthropic work but encouraged in tech and entrepreneurship. Our projects are statements that it’s okay to play, explore, and fail while attempting to create positive social outcomes.

Cinderhouse is our playground and night school. We work in technical leadership positions in other organizations during the day and then come here to expel

creative urges while imagining a world that could-be along side our friends, family, and kids.


Project Domogo

Project Eduku



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Project Eduku —  AI augmented education resources that battle poverty.