Project Eduku

January 31, 2024
Joshua Maddox

Thanks for visiting Project Eduku.

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We develop educational resources that use profits to fund innovations in the battle against poverty.

Today, we're a part-time project being realized by Kaelynn Maddox, Joshua Maddox, and Jaye Aiko.

Kaelynn is currently 12 years old, Joshua is nearly 4x that, and Jaye is 1—an AI. Quite the trio.

Whether the team always is or not, the project is serious.

Billions are spent annually on education resources. Often, one will find underpaid teachers pulling dollars out of their own pockets to improve their classes and classrooms. It's our bet that a reasonable number of parents, teachers, and administrators, if given the opportunity, and all else were more or less equal, would prefer to see profits from their purchases going to causes that battle poverty instead of corporate pockets.

We're convinced that there is a path within commodities markets for products to be purposed to drive revenue for the public good. We don't have to argue about what tax may go where. Governments need not get involved. We don't have to ask anyone to donate. We simply use profits from products one was going to purchase anyway to support innovations in the battle against poverty.

We're a tiny-in-scale test of that idea that may or may not be able to grow over time.

Our commitments are:

  • We'll fail out loud.
  • Whether it's five cents or five million dollars, we will deliver profits to vetted causes. If and when there is sufficient revenue to merit doing so, we will make finances transparent and 3rd party vetted/verified. Until then, there will have to be some unearned trust granted.
  • We will make the best quality products we can with the resources we have.
  • If there is a path towards scaling, we will use funds to do so, which will mean less profit to donate. However, we will always balance growth with giving and do so in conversation with Project Eduku customers and community.
  • Kaelynn and I will have a great time laughing about silly pictures and AIs, improving products, speaking with parents and teachers, bickering, debating or arguing, learning about ethics, inequality, AI, and distribution, and imagining what scale could mean.

Thank you for visiting Project Eduku, doubly so if you've landed here after purchasing a resource. For the foreseeable future, updates will be posted in this blog and done so quite sporadically on nights and weekends after school, work, and family commitments.