Project Eduku on Transparency

January 30, 2024
Joshua Maddox

As of January 31st, 2024, Project Eduku is heads down creating products. No revenue is currently coming in. As we launch more products and begin to make sales, we will take the following steps in working towards complete transparency:

Step One (Under $2.5K in Profit)

Ship product. Focus on getting products launched and the first dollars coming in.

Step Two (Under $10K in Profit)

All revenue will be dumped into a single basic savings account until we hit $10,000.00 USD. We'll start to report here the total in that account when it's over $2.5K but until then, there really won't be a sufficient number of people interested so as to merit the work involved.

Step Three (Over $10K Profit)

If we're able to hit the $10K mark then we'll pay legal and accounting fees to set-up a proper organization and 3rd party reporting mechanism.

For those with questions, please reach out to